IMAGE REQUIREMENTS:  For the best results images must be dark black on a pure white background (No lines, colors, designs, or other markings in the background).  We can work with lower quality images, but the results may not be the same.  If you have a lower quality image you can always email it to us first so that we can see if it will work.  Or, you can choose "send a proof before engraving" when you order so that you can approve the engraving file before we start engraving your piece.

TURN AROUND TIME EXCEPTION: For any item that requires you to send in an image (handwriting jewelry, etc.), the quoted shipping times assume that you uploaded the image when ordering and that the image is dark black on a pure white background.  Other types of images will take longer to edit and turn into an engraving file.  If you send in more handwriting than will fit on a particular item it will delay the order.

CANCELLATIONS: If you need to cancel an order please notify us immediately after placing the order.  If we have already started working on the order it cannot be cancelled.

ENGRAVING PROOFS:  If you would like a proof for handwriting, footprint, hand print, paw print or artwork items before the item is engraved please make sure you choose "send a proof" when you place the order. Proofs will add up to one week to the processing time and our quoted delivery times will not apply.  We will send out an email with your proof. If we do not hear from you within 5 days we will go ahead and process your order.  

IMAGE PLACEMENT:  Due to the style of an individual's writing it is much more difficult to place and arrange handwriting on an engraved piece than regular computer font. We will center the words or arrange the writing on several lines as needed.